About Us

Our school founded by Kunkanit Phrombut and Ricardo Martin was created with the idea to support yoga practitioners all around the globe who want to bring their Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga practice into a complete new level, and also for those ones who want to share the love and the passion of the practice with others through teaching. 

We have been certified around 500 students and work as a Yoga Trainer during the last six year, practicing yoga in a committed way for more than 10 years, according to the teaching of Larry Schultz, the creator of Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. Ricardo and Kunkanit (Joy) were certified by Larry Schultz on 2010. Soon after that they start to work as a teacher assistant and eventually start to led Yoga Teacher Training by themselves. 

Our yoga teacher training will offer a nice balance between technique, philosophy, alignment, meditation, asana practice, how to adapt different asanas within the Ashtanga Primary series to many different levels of yoga practice, and how to teach these routines for both beginners and middle level of yoga practice experience.

After completed our course you will have the ability to continue your practice back home, we will help you to set up a weekly practice schedule, in this case you will be able to continue the inner journey. We are always happy to skype with you in order to check how your practice have been evolved and readjust the practice if need it.

Start today, change your life, travel the world and teach yoga.