Love, Mila

I came to this course because I wanted to see this practice that I love through other perspectives. I love the studio I go to in SF, but after 1 year of constant practice with the same teachers, I thought it was time to take a breath outside of it and learn from other teachers.

Along with many corrections, memorizing the sequence front to end and end to front, learning new techniques, my biggest and most special lessons came from those moments where Joy and Ricardo spoke about their philosophy and own experience with the practice and how it can be a path to own spirituality. 

Yoga went from being this fun practice to a deeper philosophical and spiritual path. The lessons on self awareness, Buddhism, the origins of yoga, among many others, brought a whole new dimension to my love for this practice. 

One of my deepest experiences in this course came in the first day we adjusted a friend on primary series. I was adjusting Tiffany, and during those 2h, I experienced a constant flow of non-judgment, acceptance, appreciation for beauty. And Love. Such a deep overwhelming love. After I left the room I was crying for minutes, appreciating the beauty of that human, finding her (Tiffany) perfect and illuminated. No judgment, no flaws. I have a tendency to be hard on myself, often not feeling good enough and flawed. For those 2h, my mind was in this wonderful peaceful place of complete acceptance, a unique feeling in my life, that I intend to keep chasing, through mediation, teaching and practicing self love.

Thank you Joy and Ricardo, my gratitude for your lessons go beyond what my words can express. I felt so much support from your energy, I felt you both cared deeply and were there to help me overcome physical and mental barriers. I feel so lucky to be able to call you both my teachers.

Kiyan Khoshie

My philosophy 🙂

Before coming to this course i didn’t t have yoga knowledge. I was attracted to it because i had the intuition it could bring me more into my dancing and extend my body capacities.

I was also curious to see how it could affect my mind.

To be honest the first week was really hard for me , i didn’t think i could make it- i felt like a baby that almost had to learn how to walk again. It was really confronting and confusing because im working with my body and it just showed me how much i wasn’t in touch with my own body.

After accepting it and allowing myself to be a beginner and change my perception of it, i really started to discover and learn.

There are so many new doors that opened to me during those 3 weeks and im really grateful for that. I still need some time to digest the ammount of knowldeges you shared with us


The most important in my Life is to be inspired with what i do and to do it with love and dedication. Laughing is defenetly big part it, helps me to make me feel lighter and alive

😇😇Ricardo and Joy remind me how much we can do if we are patient and don t give up and trust in ourselves. The most important is not the results but the way you get there !!!

Im really grateful our paths could cross. Thanks for your generosity!

Keseniia Lobanova

My yoga journey started a while ago and for several years it remained just as a work out. It made me feel good so I kept coming back to it without much analysing. It was only about three years ago that I heard about the fact that there is so much more in yoga then just the physical exercises. I started meditating and working with chakras and I was amazing what it can do to help me control my emotions and bring myself into this quiet state of happiness. I became more conscious about the effect of my actions on others through yoga as well. This past 3 weeks really made a huge impact on me and helped to map out so many things and bring different ideas together. The meditations that we did on observing and acknowledging our emotions, thoughts and senses made me see so clear that I am separate from them and I can control myself into being centered and not be carried away by my emotions. This is something that can make a huge impact on my everyday life. We get attached when we are out of our center and this creates a lot of suffering. And I realised now why I always feel so much better after the practice! It’s all because I feel centered. And I will do my practice more regular now to stay in that feeling. 

One of the most eye opening messages for me was explanation of karma and that nothing is about being good or bad it’s just every action has consequences and if something is not complete you will get situations that will bring you back to work on whatever is not complete. It made me realise that we shouldn’t judge other people in any circumstances because everyone is going through their own journey and there are just some things that people are not aware yet and that’s why they act in certain way. 

And another great thing that I am taking with me is accepting and making space for every emotion. Before every time I feel sad I would go out, meet people and try to distract myself. And every time I think that at some point of my life I will reach a state when I will never feel sad. So it’s frustrating that this time still did not come. But now the truth is that I need to accept every emotion and just be with it. When I was sick and felt bad I had this thought that this pain also deserves a place and I should just live and breath through it until it goes away.

I am aware that I am at the very beginning of this journey and I look forward so much of what else it will bring me. And I am incredibly grateful to you, Joy and Ricardo, for all the beautiful knowledge and energy that you shared with us these three weeks. Namase 🙂

Nittha (Gop)

It has been a good experience. I have been able to understand myself more and more by understanding what yoga really is. I have leant yoga in the way I have never imagined, know more about thing I never realize yoga has taught. I have known how to practice safely and consequence of misunderstanding in asana. I have never seen myself stronger both physically and mentally.

I am pound of the knowledge I have gain here and very excited to deliver my knowledge and my understanding to others. (Felt very good in the workshop that I was able to answer question and deliver what the right posture / adjustment should be). Lastly, the most challenging this is fighting with me (the laziness inside me) to practice.

Photjawan Sawatraksa (Khuan)

I felt gaining very much knowledge and techniques from here. After graduated I can do self-practice and use it for my career.

Nirapai Samansa (Taen)

I love all sessions of It’s Yoga YTT. It’s GREAT!!! I notice myself changes so much both physically and mind. Thanks for your guidance.

Supharat Siriprapapornchai (Joom)

Understand in Ashtanga-Vinyasa clerer which is deferent from what I thought. Big appreciated for teachers teaching and their dedication.

The change that I have seen in myself is ‘awareness’. I can focus more on my own breathes without anxious of the asana I cannot well perform. As I will be a yoga teacher in the nearest future I feel so lucky that the time and my readiness are met and brought me to take this course. And I will take all your guidance with me to spread to others.

The challenging I hope to see the change in every day of my practice.


I love this course because it provides me everything I need for teaching in the future. Not only that but also the knowledge of mind and awareness. I have seen myself changes externally with fit physical and understand asana and internally the flow of breath, the peace of mind, and attitude which is changed to people around me. I feel more understand other people and myself. I more I learnt the more I feel to teach. I feel confident of teach the right thing and safety asana to others. The most challenging is to keep myself strong and be ready to have the teaching from teachers and use the voice properly when teaching.

Kesinee Deesai (Kad)

I felt I gained tons of knowledge. The experiences from teachers are a miracle which I thought I might not find anywhere else but here. I know more about myself and others. I felt I got a lot of new knowledge all the time. The most I like about is ‘Teachers’. You taught me to discipline with my practice. Love you all teachers!


This course opens my new vision of study in system. I learnt correctly and more understanding in ‘Yoga’. I had a new attitude and vision. The 3 teachers gave me a lot of knowledge and the classmates are friendly. I am really glad to take the course here. Got a lot of good things. Thank you to the teachers and friends.

Thanarak Sinsanguan (Toon)

Words wouldn’t enough to express my gratitude for everything I’ve experienced on the YTT at It’s Yoga. Under the guidance and teaching of Teacher Joy, Teacher Ricardo, and Teacher Nui, I faced largely expanding the knowledge of yoga both Philosophy and Asana. I feel so passionate about; the way of life, body and spirit were often challenged, but it was through these challenges I experienced transformational growth.

Thank you teachers for sharing with me your deep knowledge, hands-on teaching, role by model, and helping to make me a yoga teacher and I commit to dedicate my life to new physical and emotional practices.


Andy Bouchier

I took teacher training with Ricardo and Joy in April 2013 in Thailand. I am from Edmonton Alberta Canada and I am 33 years old. I had an idea it was going to be intense and I was surprised how fun and rewarding the experience was. They broke everything down into manageable steps. I did a lot of postures/asanas such as handstand, tripod headstand, pincha that I never attempted or dreamed was possible with a naturally inflexible big guy like myself. I came in at 6’2 272lbs and after the training I was 254 lbs. Ricardo and Joy allow you to teach yourself and find passion in your daily self practice. They give so many countless tips to accommodate what each individual is struggling in.

You will also make like minded friends around the world. Now I am a lot more flexible and stronger and I have almost lost 50 pounds now. Their experience, knowledge and passion shines through their teaching. I would jump at the chance to train with them again 10/10 stars, I can’t recommend them enough. If you are lucky enough to get them as teachers you will not regret it!


I like the training so much in all level. Humans (Groups and Teachers) , The condense the challenge and the structure
and the structure of the topics very series and very pedagogy.

I love you guys with all my heart because you generosity and all the passion that you puts when you teach. I feel how many new seed start to grow inside of me. I don’t have any doubt that all the things you been share with me…
its going to be with me all my life.

I feel very good and happy because I’m going to be able to share yoga with my heart and humbleness. The most challenging part? I don’t know everything was a pressure for me. I know that is some posture I need to work on it but its ok…

Thanks for everything, keep in touch one hug for each of you.

Kimmy Wood

This Training has truly been a life changing experiences. I am now so aware of both my body and mid and have learnt things about myself that I would have never without doing this training.

Whilst I am now physically stronger, and more pound of how much stronger I am mentally. The most challenging part was listening to my inner voice and teaching myself how to be my Inner Teacher.

This course has changed my life for the better and I am so Thankful to Its Yoga especially for Joy and Ricardo


Judy Wong

Joy & Ricardo’s teacher training course was awesome! The two of them produce such energetic synergies that shine through in their teaching styles. They are complimentary partners who were able to share their heart-felt experiences with those of us who were students. More importantly, they did not try to force us beyond our limits, nor cast a shadow over our abilities during our asana practice.

Their Teacher Training truly helped deepen my practice from within. I grateful for their encouragement and belief in my inner teacher, and thank them for helping me find my own voice.

I continue to be reminded of the benefits of the practice and the Teacher Training each day as I embrace motherhood. I truly believe my baby has also reaped the benefits of my training as I was in the best shape of my life when I conceived!

Laura Melgueira

My 200 hr TT with Joy & Ricardo was simply the best experience of my life so far. They turned me into a confident yoga teacher without me even noticing. Prior to the training I was nervous and worried that I may not have a teaching voice or what it takes to lead a class. No matter your level or inhibitions Joy and Ricardo support you every step of the way, they guide you and show you just how to find your natural way. They show you all the tools that are already within yourself. Ecouraging you consistently through inner transformations. For me it wasn’t ‘just a Teacher training’ it was so much more…. they take you on a journey surrounded by wonderful people, you find yourself and how to be a great teacher!!! simply the best of the best! 1000% recommended whether you want to teach or not.

Gary Davis

After studying with Joy and Ricardo I now teach with much more assurance and credibility. My own practice has also been moved to a new, higher level.

The “It’s Yoga” model they follow is excellent and they are genuine and dedicated yoga teachers, who do what they love and love what they do.

Of course, I am biased because Joy and Ricardo are now my friends and I thoroughly recommend anyone to study with and become friends with these guys too.

Clare Dowding

Joy and Ricardo are amazing teachers! They are not only skilled and knowledgable, but they have wisdom beyond their years. Personally the 200hr TT was a huge milestone for me and one that tested both my physical and mental ability. With their patience, guidance, love and support I completed the training and have a new found confidence, a skill I am still excited to learn more about and develop further and have a very different outlook on the world around me.

They are truly two of the most beautiful people I have been blessed to meet and not only did I walk awAy from my training with my certificate in hand I also have found solid friends in these wonderful people.

I cannot recommend them highly enough. Be prepared the training will test you and challenge you and it will also change you.

Bri Manglapus

Teacher Joy and Ricardo are two of the most inspiring teachers I have had through my whole yoga journey.. They are very encouraging and wise. I personally highly recommend being trained under teacher Joy and teacher Ricardo. Through the training, you will see how devoted these two yoga practitioners are, to train and make exhalent yoga instructors! Not only will they deepen your practice with the physical side of yoga but also the spiritual side of yoga. The training they give will be very transformative, challenging and fun! They have a very inspiring love for each other and a deep understanding of our world and life.

Derik Ramirez

The teacher training was way above my expectations, I’m glad I made the effort to signup. Joy and Ricardo both taught with a lot of dedication and it was obvious the years of practice and effort they’ve put into it. They were very supportive, and I don’t know how they manage to be aware of everyone in such a caring way.

I’m very grateful for all the knowledge and experience I acquired. I sign up thinking that I was just doing the teacher training for my self practice and to expand my knowledge of yoga, but not really thinking that i was going to teach after. But at the end I was so inspired by both of them that my plans changed and I’m currently teaching on a regular basis, trying to share everything I learned on the teacher training.

Mark Carle

My former yoga teacher in US said I couldn’t do it. My ageing, 60 yr old runners knees voted against it; I had my doubts too.

Challenging? Hell yes!
Hard work? Of course!
Mind blowing? Oh yeah!
Fun? You bet!
Do-able? Done!
Ricardo & Joy great teachers? Definitely!

Ricardo and Joy believed in me, they inspired me and taught me in a way that anyone can learn.

End result? I am practicing Ashtanga Yoga daily. Teaching 3-4 days per week and loving every moment.
I’m more fit and happier than at any time in my life.

Ricardo and Joy empowered me to believe in myself and now I am, what others said I couldn’t become, a certified Ashtanga teacher.

Thank you, Ricardo and Joy.

Sacha Vermeulen

I enjoyed the Yoga Teacher Training a lot. Its was a luxury for me to focus only on this training. After bussy years of raising children, living in China, expanding our company, I haven’t time for myself.
By practicing yoga a intense as in this training. I quickly discovered my weak points in my body and emotionally. It made me stronger in many ways.
Joy and Ricardo are excellent teachers, with a wide knowledge of postures. I learned a lot and was able to adjust my own practice.
They know because they talked from their own experience.
I’m looking forward to teaching Ashtanga Yoga in Holland as soon as I move back, and pass on my knowledge and understanding of yoga

Paty Gusman Ordoñez

I enjoyed the experience a lot, I felt as a beginner I had a big improvement in such a short period of time, I learned a lot, the program is very complete, it will give you a strong base as a teacher, I still have a lot to learn, but the 200Hr are a very good foundation. The teachers are excellent, they are skillful in the way they teach, and always have a very nice attitude. Hannah always support us in every way she can. I left the training very happy, because I had such a good experience.

Riacardo, Joy and Hannah Thanks a lot

Olaf Gunkel

Fantastic Journey through Yoga during November 2013 Trainng. Joy and Ricardo created a lot of awareness in me related to yogic matters.
The way they teach is very professional and you are able to link theory with practice quite well.

I really like the asana adjustment and tips during the practice help me a lot. You both made me go deeper down the road of yoga

I want more I´m “Hooked”

Lotte Ghyssaert

I feel very lucky to have experienced my first yoga teacher training with Joy and Ricardo. They teach from the heart with a lot of knowledge about the yoga practice. Whether you are a beginner or a more advanced yogi, they encourage you to push your physical and mental boundaries but still stay very much in touch with yourself.

Katarina Hočevar

This 3 weeks were full of knowledge, meting new people, learning about ourselves, you can go to a different part of the world and the real you is still there. Important journey for me, learning a lot everyday, in new environment, new people, different language, but I managed it! Teacher are the best!, didn’t expect such a warm hearts!, ready to help us every minute, even if the problem was not connected to yoga .

I really appreciate that approach, I felt acceptance of the group which is the most important and welcome part of all.

Ricardo, Joy and Hannah, always stay in my heart as very warm experience (also with hot weather)

Thanks for everything!

John Peterson

I think words can describe my respect & gratitude for Ricardo, Joy and Hannah. I have a lot of appreciation for your teaching style. I enjoy how all three teach & live by example. Thank you so much for all the wisdom, love & support, showed from the first day

Jen Lem

Its Yoga Training was a great experience for me on Teacher Training. I came here with no expectations, but never expect it to find the place so hard to deal with, only after the first week, I slowly began to adapt after the first week.
Joy and Ricardo were great and patient. Not only do they extend their assistance in class, they have also the influence me in many positive ways.

If you ever have a chance to practice under their guidance, I strongly encourage people out there to do so.

Eryka Dwi Surya Purnama

This Yoga Teacher training has been a physical and spiritual journey. Joy and Ricardo taught a lot about technical also mental aspect as a yogis. Thanks for Joy and Ricardo for sharing the love and compassion through this yoga teacher training, hopefully I can pay forward to share the knowledge to others.

Dana Schneider

Joy and Ricardo are wonderful teachers. They are kind and compassionate as well as very knowledgeable and inspiring. They come to class everyday with a positive attitude and ready to teach, the curriculum of Its Yoga is very good, it balance physical practice, meditation, history, philosophy, proper alignment and personal growth as well. I would recommend Joy and Ricardo with out hesitation. They are awesome you will not regret learning from them

Carrie Jensen

I want a Teacher Training program that would leave m feeling physically prepared and confident in my knowledge of yoga.
Joy and Ricardo more than delivered, I would recommend this program to anyone interested in teaching Yoga. I was both mentally and physically challenged, and left the program feeling more inspire about my own practice and the opportunity to share yoga with others.

Thanks you guys

Annick Cuvelier

I was very lucky and so grateful to have done my Ashtanga teacher training with Joy and Ricardo. They are such wonderful teachers who are very passionate about their yoga practise and this way, they are sharing their love and devotion for the practise with us students. They both have a broad experience and knowledge about all aspects of yoga: asana, anatomy, meditation, philosophy, teaching skills,… They do not only teach us, but they are also living yoga. I could not have imagined being ready for teaching when I started the training, but at the end I really felt ready to teach and I feel I have enough confidence to start. Ricardo and Joy were guiding us with a lot of patience and they were able to get the most out of us, respecting our limits and physical boundaries. Whether you are a beginner or an advanced yogi, you can follow the teacher training with Joy and Ricardo. It is the nicest gift you can offer yourself.

Estefania Zamora

My Personal experience is that this training is a well instructed program that as they say from the beginning “don’t worry we will guide you and you will learn steep by steep until the information from practicing it will stay in your body and mind” I will come again for sure for The Rocket program. I like the way of training now everyone feels save and free to do what they wanted. Also I like how well the teachers know everything about pain in our bodies and how to manage it I did see a transformation in my body and mind my upper body strength has grown up and my mind is a bit more concentrating during practice.

I feel ready as a Yoga teacher, ready to learn about Yoga and bring this knowledge to more people. Probably the most challenging part was keep going when I was tire, specially the first three days and Sundays, after the day off.

Thanks you teachers for being there to hear, adjust abd teach whatever was necessary. The motivation you show everyday, was the most motivating part of my journey in this training



Haquet Kevin

I Like the Intensity, the core of the teaching, everything was very interesting, work hard with soft mind. I don’t know yet what are the transformations but sure I will feel them soon. My Practice of Yoga is totally transformed. I’m not a Yoga teacher yet, but I will be very soon when the opportunity to teach arise in the real world.

What was the most Challenging? For me English for sure

Thanks you


Duangkaew (Por)

The Teacher Training was Full of deep understanding about the body and asana and how to practice in a proper way. When you have a good foundation you will be able to teach to others the right approach.This Training also gave me new experience with an International Yoga Community =)

Megan Collier

The Training has really helped me to connect to my personal Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga Practice. There is always so much more to learn and I feel so blessed to be able to spend the last 3 weeks immersed in Yoga =)

Nour Ashraf

Today was the last day in the Yoga Teacher Training course & I had a great experience, excellent teachers & friendly people. The first week was hard for me, because I was practicing in a different way, then things started to get better from the second week onwards. I was able to do new asanas that I hadn’t been able to do it before also my practice was improved.

What was the challenging? Was doing my practice with a shoulder injury that I have

I’ve learnt new things & new techniques. So I’m glad that I experience this great journey =)

Thanks you all


From Egypt

This Training also gave me new experience with an International Yoga Community =)

Eina Garrido

These 24 days of training was not just about gaining physical strength and awareness but being more mentally in tune and aware. This experience allowed me to discover a deep meaning as to why I love Ashtanga and why I do it. Challenges will always be there to face you but I learned here that it’s how you take them on is what really matters.

One of the best experience of my life and from here, I cannot wait to share my knowledge and deepen my own practice.

Grateful to Joy & Ricardo for their knowledge, kindness and amazing energy

Melissa Byrne

A life changing experience. A journey of self- discovery from start to finish. I’ve learned so much about myself through this course, from the physical challenge in my practice which got stronger each day, to the emotional, mental challenge or discoveries about myself and learning to love the ups and downs and accept me for me. The Training was outstanding, from the theory which was perfectly, detailed and relevant, to the physical practice in which I learned so much, and every practice become stronger and better. I now feel confident as a Yoga teacher that I have the complete understanding of the asanas that I can teach knowledgeable and in a safe way to my students.I saw a big change in myself and learned to let go and be more present in the moment and patient

Isabel D’Eila

When my taxi arrived to Balian Beach for Yoga Training, I had no expectations whatsoever. What I did have was a lot of fear! Was I a good Yogi to teach? I can’t even do some of the asanas in the Primary Series Yet, who will want to learn from me? How wrong I was! These three weeks taught me that yoga practice is deeply personal, and that having a six- pack or doing crazy inversions have nothing to do with your connection to your practice and yourself (although six- packs are nice)

Thanks to Joy and Ricardo (and Russelle and Bry =)) my practice had an amazing transformation, but I think it was mainly an internal transformation. I thought I would go home with a certification to teach Yoga and maybe a toned belly, willingness to stand on my mat every day and look inside my self though yoga Practice. I am happy and grateful with what I have. I had forgotten that Yoga is about finding peace within chaos and I can’t wait to teach. Remain these yogis everywhere.

Thanks to Joy and Ricardo

Bryan Seno

It’s was an amazing one- of- a- kind Teacher Training Experience. I like how amazing our Teacher were, how multi- cultured the environment is, how amazing the program is, we had MPS, Full Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and the exciting Rocket series. They also included Acro-Yoga, massage, pranayama and ancient cleansing Techniques

I honestly came here just to be stronger, perfect some of my asanas and become a Yoga Teacher, but the deeper understanding of what yoga is made me think, that I also want to develop how I can share this passion for Yoga to other people, it also made me step back and give attention to my breathing.

I feel liberated as a Yoga teacher, I think I can share this energy and passion on and off the class. The most challenging for me, is myself. I think I need to remove my doubts, be fearless and DO

Beth Ong

I took the course not really wanting to expect anything. But I am coming out of the training with so much knowledge not only in the postures but about breathing, meditation, philosophy and more importantly in the application of Yoga in my daily life. Joy & Ricardo are so knowledgeable in almost everything and they are very helpful

Amanda Graci

Joy and Ricardo are fantastic tecahers!

I have learned so much from them and they have reignited my passion for Yoga. The Training is intense physically and mentally but worth in the end. Throughout the days I could feel the changes happening and I look forward to seeing how my practice develops.

Thanks You!

Ben Gould

Joy and Ricardo were really inspiring teachers. They motivated the group so much to challenge themselves beyond expectations. Their approach was thoughtful and practical. I highly recommend training the Rocket 100hrs course with these two amazing people