200Hrs Rocket Yoga Teacher Training

About this Course

This course will be focus in giving you all the necessary information to develop your Rocket Practice and learn how to communicate this practice method effectively with students with different capacities and limitations 

We will be focusing in practice and teaching technique for the Rocket 1 and Rocket 2 routines. How to progressively develop your skills and how to guide other to explore their own capacities as they expand their limitations in a safe way 

As the course is physically demanding we highly advise you to have yoga practice experience of consistent practice for at least six months in styles like ashtanga, vinyasa yoga or power yoga. If you have any question about this please contact us at info@brightyoga.com


200hrs Rocket Yoga Teacher Training Schedule

TEACHERS: Kunkanit Phrombut & Ricardo Martin
LOCATION: Nonthabure, The Inhala Thailand 
DATE: 4th Feb & 28th Mar, 2025 
TIME: Tuesday- Thursday 


Early Bird Price: 79,000THB (2,146 USD$) valid until 30 Nov 2024

Second Early Bird: 85,000THB (2,300 USD$) valid until 30 Jan 2025

Full Price: 89,000THB (2,417USD$)

*Before submit any Payment please read our Cancelation Policy

If any student want to retrain with us we offer a 25% discount from the tuition 

Our Teacher

Our Led Teachers Kunkanit Phrombut Ricardo Martin have been running Yoga Teacher Training for over a decade, mainly in Asia and Europe. They have been certifying more than 500 Yoga Teachers mainly in Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga and Rocket Vinyasa Yoga. Many of them can teach effectively and continue with their practice back home.

Their skill in anatomy, practice, and teaching experience have given them the ability to see clearly and precisely how to adapt the practice according to many different body capacities, making the Ashtanga practice accessible to many practitioners

Vipassana Meditation is another important part of their daily practice, they have been practicing for over 10 years and teaching since 2008 to students of different backgrounds.

Therefore many of the techniques that they share with the group have a mindful and awareness ingredient added, making the practice more adaptable according to the student’s needs

Who can attend

  1. Students who wishes to learn how to practice Rocket or deepen their Rocket Practice on the 1st and the 2nd sequence 
  2. Students with mental health 
  3. Students older than 18 years old
  4. Students who wish to become certified Rocket Yoga Teacher 200hrs with  Bright Yoga School 


What’s included

  1. Two led teacher with more than 15 years of practice and teaching experience  trained personally by Larrys Schultz the creator of the 
  2. Rocket Sequences 
  3. Rocket Manual 
  4. Yoga Alliance Certification 200Hrs  after completion of all the training hours and assignments, 
  5. Pre- Training Program 30 Sep 2024. Body Analysis, Key to unlock your practice & learn how to train your body and get ready for the course

What’s not include

  1. Flight tickets 
  2. Accommodation 
  3. Meals