Yoga Training

We specialize in teaching many different styles like Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, Merge Yoga Biomechanics, Yoga Wheel, Yin Yoga, and Yoga Therapy.


In all the styles that we have been developed, we have fixed routines, intending to give a clear and reliable framework in how to train your body and mind through safe and consistent yoga sequences. Our practice method offers different levels of complexity and time lengths to accommodate, students with various physical capacities and limitations 


Ashtanga Yoga:Style base on vinyasa (breathing movement connection) where you will use breathing, bandha, and drishty to create transformation in the body and mind. Our 200hrs program will prepare you in how to practice and suitably share the Ashtanga method. Adapting the practice according to your needs and your stduents’ needs is the primary way in how we present this system.

300Hrs Ashtanga Advanced course, this program is for those who wish to explore in-depth the teaching part of ashtanga vinyasa yoga primary and second series, you will receive plenty of information related with theoretical and practice background of the second series along with Vipassana meditation practice 


Body Aligning Program:A style base on anatomy and alignment. In this course, you will have the opportunity to learn how correct and fix te most common problems related with Upper and Lower Body Cross syndrome. We have two fixed routines that focus on strengthening your foundation and deepen the mobility of the spine as a way to improve health, energy flow, and mobility. Learn how to practice and guide others base on safety and healthy alignment   


Rocket Vinyasa Yoga: A dynamic style designed by Larry Schultz base on the Traditional Ashtanga Routines. Restructuring the ashtanga sequence including elements of Primary, Second and advanced sequences; reorganizing the order of the poses and presented the practice in fast tempo, he created the Rocket 1, 2 and 3 and organize them as a practice system. 

All our programs are created to support your growth in practice. We believe that the way you understand the practice can positively influence your teaching skills. It is because of this that we will focus on giving all the information that can support your growth as a practitioner in the long term. Having a good understanding of the practice combined with all the information that we provided during the training is how we can prepare you how to be, a confident and unique Yoga Teacher 


Choose any style that we offer according to what you would like to explore and how you will like to direct your Yoga Journey. 

If you have any inquiries about any of our styles, you can always reach us through


Location : Bali Indonesia 
Date : July 2024
Full Price : 2,800 $USD 
Early Bird Limited to 6 students only (5 spot left)

student experiences


It depends, if you have a minimum of six month of yoga practice experience, will be possible for us to train you.

If you are totally new one- two months, we advise you to attend any of our intensive first to get familiar with the practice.

Yes, our Led teachers and founders have the designation of ERYT- 500HRS.

It will depend on the location you are interested to train in, usually in Thailand accommodation in a Sharing room (one more person) is included, in Bali will depend on the venue that we use, however, the best can be that you contact us to make sure that you get the latest information.

Most countries recognize Yoga Alliance. However, Australia and UK will request you to submit the syllabus of the training that you attended and they will allow you to register the yoga program in their own Yoga Organization.

No, you are free to eat whatever is offered in any of our venues.