What You Will Learn in our 300Hrs Program?

300Hrs Advance Yoga Teacher Training

This 300Hrs Yoga Alliance Accredited will give you all the knowledge and practice techniques you need to develop your practice and teaching skills further. Learn about:

  • Ashtanga Primary Series Review 
  • How to use your breathing efficiently as you practice from a second series perspective 
  • Finding lightness in practice. Theory and practice about bandhas
  • Cultivate concentration through proper Drishti
  • Anatomy apply to ashtanga 
  • Asana Lab. Detailed study, technique & modifications in Sun Salutations * Standing Poses *Seated Poses, including detailed study about the core poses of Second Series (Pasasana, Kapotasana, Dwi Pada Sirsasana, and Karandavasana)
  • Back Bend progression. Handstand and Tic- Toc technique 
  • Finishing sequence 
  • How to prepare, organize and deliver yoga workshops in an effective way 
  • Basics of Vipassana Meditation Practice 

"Bring your Teaching and Practice Skills into a New Level"