Yin Yoga Intensive 50Hrs. What You Will Learn?.

50Hrs Yin Yoga. Towards 200Hrs Merge Yoga Certification

This 50Hrs Yin Yoga Module along  with our 50hrs Rocket 3 Module are the last component of our 200Hrs Yoga Teacher Training in our Style Merge Yoga, Yoga Alliance Accredited

Our module on Yin Yoga will help you develop the knowledge and experience about the Taoist elements of Yin and Yang and how these can be applied to influence asana practice across both Yin and Rocket styles of Yoga. Using your mind and body, we will teach you 3 Yin sequences designed to support Rocket 1, 2, and 3. 

Through active participation, you will steadily build a rich and relevant understanding of both the philosophical and practical methods of Yin Yoga.

Y1 will compliment R1 by releasing and mobilizing the body’s shoulders, hips, and back.

Y2 will compliment R2 by working more deeply into the hips and opening the front of the body.

Y3 will compliment R3 as we add a moving sequence that teaches us that Yin and Yang are inseparable, flowing slowly, deeply, and spaciously into the hips, spine, and shoulders.

Working with the Yin tissues, e.g., the web of connective tissue, fascia, tendons, ligaments, and joints, each sequence builds upon the previous sequence to:

  • Assist with the release of physical tensions and habitual holding for enhanced joint health and mobility
  • Cultivate inner quiet and stillness for improved mental focus and awareness
  • Liberate energetic congestion to promote greater emotional harmony
  • Help you to understand your physical, emotional, and mental composition
  • Holding the space to promote a deeper relaxation in your class
  • How to use props in a safe way
  • Assisting students with injuries or physical limitations
  • How to keep your body balanced through the Yin Yoga Practice
  • Find your voice as a Yin Yoga Teacher
  • Using music incense and other elements that will help you to promote deeper relaxation
  • How to sequence with the purpose
  • Setting the tone of the room and Yin Yoga Session

"Be a Unique Yoga Teacher. Support yourself and Learn

How to Support others"