Russelle Beardon

Alongside my love of yoga, I worked professionally for more than 20 years with people who have experienced relationship break down, trauma, grief, loss, loneliness, addictions, homelessness, unemployment, poverty, family violence and sexual assault. This gives me a deep understanding of human experience and the ability to meaningfully engage with people.

People have described me as intuitive, patient, attentive and curious, and as an expressive story teller.  I think there are many ways to share, to experience and understand yoga to support your ongoing journey, for a more peaceful, compassionate life on and off the mat.

Yoga Alliance standards are a measure of professional education and experience in the yoga teaching community. Yoga Alliance’s registry marks are globally-recognised symbols of standards based knowledge in the field of yoga.


    • $20 million Public Liability and $1 million Professional Indemnity
    • Level Two First Aid and CPR
    • Teacher Training Ashtanga 200 hours (Its Yoga Satellite)
    • Advanced Teacher Training Rocket 100 hours (The Yoga People)
    • Advanced Teacher Training Yin Yoga 100 hours (The Yoga People)
    • Advanced Teacher Training Tripsichore / Mandala 100 hours (The Yoga People)
    • Yin Yoga: The Functional Approach 20 hours (Pranamaya online)
    • Nada Yoga 100 hours (The Heart of Sound)
    • Teacher Training Ashtanga 200 hours (Chintamani Eight Limbs Yoga)
    • Our Divine Spine – Know Your Miracle Anatomy (Monica Gauchi)