Teacher Training

Teacher Training

Our Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for any level of yoga practice, when you finish our course you will be able to teach right after you finish.

Our Yoga Teacher Training is suitable for any level of yoga practice, when you finish our course you will be able to teach right after you finish. However we request that the students have to participate in any of our one month Ashtanga Yoga retreat. Is our aim to see your practice before the Yoga Teacher Training course start, in this case we will give specific guide lines for your practice that you have to follow in order to be able to participate in our 200Hrs course in the future.

During 22 days of training you will have the opportunity to experience led Primary Series of Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga, self practice of Primary Series Ashtanga Vinyasa Practice. We will share with you modified versions of the primary series and some complementary exercises in order to support your practice in terms of flexibility, strength and time availability.

Daily schedule

Please notice that the daily schedule can change depending on the location or if the teacher considered appropriated.

Hours Activity
6:30- 10:30 Nauli Kriya, Pranayama, Asana Practice
10:30- 12:00pm Lunch break
12:00- 12:20pm  Chanting
12:20- 3:00pm Asana technique, workshop, anatomy philosophy, Ashtanga Theory 
3:00-3:30pm  Tea Break
3:30- 5:00pm Last Practice of the day
5:00-8:00pm  Dinner time
8:00pm- 8:30pm  Guided meditation practice

We will pay lot of attention to build up your confidence as a teacher. As soon as the second day you will start to teach small sections of the Ashtanga Primary Series in this case you will feel confident enough in order to start your yoga journey after you finish.

You will learn not only to give accurate verbal cues also how to adjust your students in a safe an effective way.

More important than this we will help you to cultivate a solid self-practice, we strongly believe that if you want to become a yoga teacher or just go deeper into your practice a constant self-practice is vital in order to do this. A deeper understanding on the practice will affect your teaching in a positive way.

Join us and get a life time membership!!!!!!, we always welcome our students to visits is and attend the practice in any course that they already attended and approved for free.

Join us, improve your practice and support others 

Whoever older than 18 years, without mental health issues 

For our Yoga Teacher Training Certification in any of the styles that we offer, is necessary at least 6 months of Yoga Practice practice experience 

Non Yoga Teacher Training Certification  are open to anyone who wishes to participate

Our course tend to get full really quickly, book your spot in advance and be a part of this great experience.

  1. Click in the course you want to attend
  2. Fill up the application form
  3. Wait for our reply
  4. When we confirm the space availability, proceed to pay for the deposit
    *please make sure that you are fully aware of our cancelation policy
  5. Receive the confirmation letter according to the payment you did
  6. Complete the rest of your payment before the last day of the payment

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