Why Discipline are so important in Yoga

By: Ricardo

In yoga, your discipline will affect your practice and teachings

These days knowledge is very accessible, literally one click and you can access an ocean of information, tips about how to practice, teach, and so much more. However, all this knowledge will work to your benefit and others when it is shared in a unique way from a place of authenticity. This will happen only when all the learned information is digested through practice.

For authenticity to start to manifest, you must experience the knowledge, technique, or whatever you want to share and understand through years and years of practice and repetition. The experience is crucial to find your unique way to express the way you feel and understand the practice.

Discipline will act as the inner strength that will allow you to stand up on your mat as often as you need and increase your vision and wisdom. It is only through constant practice that you can understand deeper layers about the practice and yourself. This will give you many different tools on how to support yourself, and it will awaken your ability to support others in a unique way.

There are two types of teachers: the first one, teachers who share their knowledge from memory and more likely to burn themselves out after teaching for a while and the second type are the ones who share their knowledge from experience and keep the flame of wisdom and self-study alive. Which one you do you want to be?

Let’s keep it real and authentic through practice.