Rocket gets you there faster

Rocket are a very dynamics yoga routines base on Ashtanga Vinyasa Yoga created by Larry Schultz. This sequences will help you to build up strength in legs, core and shoulders, at the same time it will help you to create flexibility into the hips shoulders, allowing you to free your back

Larry use to said “flexible spine young body” the reason behind this is that a flexible spine will allow the energy to move freely reaching different parts of your body, this will help you to remove tension and energetic blockage assisting you in develop a deeper inner connection within yourself

More than a single routine rocket vinyasa yoga, is a system that you can follow and see result in your mind and body.
Larry was a genius in sequencing, he was able to recognize what your body lack. The rocket routines specially leaded by him, he was able to guide you through the journey with so much happiness, love and compassion, that by the moment you walked out of the class some of his wisdom hit you in the right place, he was able to help you to realize the best of you.

During my training with him in 2010, I understood how important is to have a teacher who is genuine in his teaching, a teacher who “teach what he practice and practice what he teach”, because his own consciousness and dedication in his sadhana help him to see a better version of yourself even when you was not able to see it

I feel blessing to find him and share time with him, he brought so much light into my life, that is why share this practice is something who make me feel passionate about it

Thanks very much to all my teachers specially to Larry to showed me the light and to taught me to listen the inner teacher

With Gratitude and love