Ashtanga Yoga Retreat Bali

About this Retreat

Experience Bali and Its culture along with the Ashtanga practice. We offer you this coming July the opportunity to participate in an experience that will allow you to relax by the beach or swing pool, enjoy the surf, delicious food, massage, and improve your practice.

We have a program where relaxation and learning are equally important. Have the opportunity to design your dream retreat, adding all the workshops that you need plus daily Ashtanga Mysore classes

All our team is ready to support you to grow your practice, and the staff at the Resort is prepared to help you make the most out of your visit to Bali.

Ashtanga Retreat

DATE: 12- 31 July 2022



Mysore Drop-in: 35 USD

6 Times Mysore: 192 USD

12 Times Mysore: 360 USD

18 Times Mysore: 504 USD

WORKSHOPS (Click Below for more Information)

1. Sun Salutation Establish a Solid Foundation. 

2. Ujjayi Breathing. Access to your Inner Potential

3. Bandhas. Awaking the Inner Strength

4. Jumping Through & Vinyasa to Utkatasana

5. Back Bend. Unlock your Spine  

LOCATION: Komune Ressort & Beach Club, Bali 

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Our Teacher

The Led Teacher Kunkanit Phrombut (Joy) & Ricardo Martin Have been practicing Yoga for over 12 years and conducting Yoga Teacher Training for more than ten years. They have many years of experience running workshops, intensives, and Yoga Teacher Training in Thailand and different parts of the world. 

After attending any intensive classes and retreats with Joy and Ricardo, many students can experience a quick improvement in the way they understand and approach to the practice. 

“Is our aim to support your progress in the Ashtanga method in the best way possible. We have many different techniques and approaches that will help you to deepen your understanding in this journey.” 

~ Ricardo & Joy~


Komune Ressort & Beach Club 

Who can attend

1. Anyone without mental illness and older than 18 years old

 2. People with experience and no experience in the ashtanga practice  

4. Anyone who can understand English. The Teachers can communicate as well in Spanish and Thai.


What’s included

1. Full Primary Serie Chart by Bright Yoga 

2. Welcome Products from Bright Yoga School

3. Free use of the indoor facilities at Komune Resort & Beach Club  

What’s not include

1. Accommodation

2. Flight Ticket 

3. Meals

4. Yoga Mats